Last time we introduced the Gucci Small GG Marmont 2.0 Bag in Velvet, but perhaps it was not intriguing enough. Or ‘Velvet’ was the

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You might already know which bag this is as this is the iconic Chanel Reissue 2.55 Flap Bag which features the mademoiselle lock. But

Prada sure knows how to create everyday multi-functional totes that we can use on a daily basis. This Prada Diano Tote is no exception

At first glance, this bag already caught our attention thanks to its really unique style and design. Though it has similar elements like the

A new style staple is coming your way, as this beautiful Chanel Wallet With Chain is now made available. Ladies, relax and try not

Celine’s perfect minimalistic design in multicolor is brought to life in these Pocket Card Holders. Yes, who would have thought pocket card

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    I just got the Egee Clutch Evercolor today for $4525.
  • aren’t they 2012 fall “Edge” bag? re-promote?
  • Hi! I wonder does longchamp neo has soft pink color? I saw it at another website and not sure if it is fake. Tq for your advice
  • I heard the vintage lambskin leather was more durable. I really want the vintage 90’s maxi classic flap with the large cc’s it’s so unique but I am not careful with handbags. I really love this bag though. I don’t know what to…
  • Hi my chanel bag was purchased in singapore Chanel boutique. This was in 2009 and yes I still have the original receipt. My bag leather below has a slight wear and tear. Please kindly advise if I can have this repaired. Appreciate your prompt respons…